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Baxi Boiler Repairs Leeds

baxi boiler repairs leeds

Gardiner Plumbing and Heating are your first choice for Baxi Boiler Repairs in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Fixing a broken boiler is a tedious task. Only a qualified professional has the expertise to diagnose the problem within a short span of time.

There are different types and brands of boilers and Baxi Boiler is one of the most recognisable in the UK. It is advised that you seek the services of a Baxi boiler expert if it breaks down.

Online information has made it possible to find the best professionals in the market, all it takes is a single click on the search engine and a variety of engineers offer boiler repair services. Out of the many available out there, select the one with the best reviews.

However, it is important to have knowledge about the relevant cost, type of services, the warranty, and all the other important details. Having a know-how about the different service plans, cost, and the right time to contact a professional is important to keep the boilers in the working condition.

Baxi Boiler Service Cost

  • Charges for the standard service are £90 VAT inclusive
  • Charges for national companies can be as higher as £120

However, some can be slightly cheaper. This scenario is valid when the Baxi Boiler is running smoothly without any problems. But if there is a problem with the Baxi Boiler, it is better to tell the engineer beforehand in order to avoid any additional surprising costs.

A Baxi accredited installer can be a better option since they have an experience in dealing with all sorts of issues as compared to any other company with less experience.

The Baxi Solo boilers are easier to manage and they have durability, which makes them reliable. There is also a guarantee of ten years, which means that once purchased, a person can rely on the guarantee for the next ten years.

There are also good brands of Baxi having a lifespan of 14 to 16 years, however; fixing an old Baxi boiler is not much of an issue.

A person can spend £300 in Baxi Boiler Repairs if there are still ten years in warranty but if the boiler is 13 to 14 years old then there is no point in spending on the repairs, however, a replacement can be a better choice. A replacement can even save a lot of amount from the bills each month.

There is an annual service fee of £90 and it is worth to keep the boilers in check especially if they are very old.

Baxi Boiler Service Plan

A Baxi Breakdown plan is essential because a boiler is an important home appliance, which should be working all the time. The following points are important to consider:

  1. There should be a team available to help 24/7
  2. Our Baxi approved engineers can do the repairs
  3. The engineers have to be Gas Safe registered and should use the genuine parts
  4. Annual boiler service, which can be optional
  5. Including the damage by lime-scale

The Service Plan is as follows:

  • It can cost £10.5/month for a payment by Debit Card
  • It can cost £136 with a payment by Credit/Debit Card

The condensing and conventional boilers, which are 8 years and under are eligible for the plan including, the age limit is 15 years for the conventional boilers.

Baxi Approved Boiler Service Plan

There are some suggestions by Baxi for the summer month, apart from keeping the boilers in check annually. These are as follows:

  • It is important to use the heating controllers in the correct manner. Boiler setting has to match the temperature. The thermostat has to be in check and it is important to reset it when required.
  • If the radiator is outside the mounting wall, it is important to fit the reflective insulated panel boards. It is important that during winter there is no blockage on the radiator by the curtains or the furniture.
  • The cost of boiler repair by a Baxi engineer is likely to be £120. It is wise to keep the boilers in check during the summer so that when winter is around there is no issue with the boilers and the hot water system is working effectively. Winter is the time when a person needs the hot water the most.

Baxi Boiler Warranty

There are three points to keep in mind in order to ensure the Baxi Boiler Warranty is in check:

  • It is important to register the warranty within the 30 days after the installation
  • The Benchmark commissioning checklist should be completed by the installer and it is important to keep it in a safe place
  • It is important to get the service annually a Gas Safe registered engineer

Baxi Customer Support is available for the Members and Association and there is also the availability of the next day call out. Given below is a breakdown of the timings:

  • An engineer visits the next day on receiving a call before 3 pm between Mondays to Friday
  • An engineer visits on Saturday on receiving a call before 3 pm on Friday
  • An engineer visits on Monday on receiving a call before 12 noon on Saturday
  • An engineer visits on Monday on receiving a call before 12 noon on Sunday
  • There is a three working day response for the nonurgent calls before 3 pm between Mondays to Friday

These time slots are for the registered boilers and also for the cylinders for appliances off, which means the boiler is not producing the heat or there is leakage in the water or the gas. And this is within warranty.

There is also an option for the same day callouts for the registered appliances within the warranty. The time slots are as follows:

  • An engineer visits the same working day for a call received before 10 am between Mondays to Friday
  • An engineer visits the next working day for a call received between 10 am-5pm between Mondays to Friday
  • An engineer visits the very same day for a call received before 10 am on Sunday
  • An engineer visits on Monday for a call received between 10 am and 12 pm on Saturday
  • An engineer visits on Monday for a call received before 12 noon on Saturday
  • There is a three-day working response for the non-urgent calls received before 3 pm between Mondays to Friday

Note: Prices given in this article are only a guide and can vary depending on area and scale of the job.


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