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There are several ways which you can use to heat water in your home. Solar water heating systems, electric water heaters, kettles, electric showers and boilers are some of the options.

When compared to a hot water system, a modern combi boiler is more efficient than a hot water system. However, these water heating systems are available with different costs. For instance, a solar hot water heating system can cost around £5,000 while an electric shower can range from £50 to around £700.

But this will depend on the model you are buying. Therefore, you are advised to do a little research so that you can make sound decisions when buying an electric heater.

How much power does an electric water heater use?

Although it is difficult to know the exact power a water heater uses, one can estimate. In a normal household, the cost of the bill might increase by about 10%. This might seem like a lot but unlike heating which is seasonal, you need hot water every day for washing, cleaning, bathing etc.

What does the water heater do?

As the government is advocating for energy saving appliances, most homeowners are upgrading to instantaneous water heaters/tankless water heaters. These are the most efficient water heaters and they produce hot water whenever needed. They are also energy saving and thus save a lot of energy bills in a year. Here are some of their advantages:

  1. They save a lot of space – they do not store hot water in a tank. Therefore, they occupy less space because they are extremely small. They are ideal in flats and smaller houses because they can be installed in limited spaced e.g. under a bath or a sink
  2. Save energy – they are star rated ensuring that they have a high SEER rating. In addition, they don’t have a standard water tank which constantly loses heat all the time
  3. Reduce plumbing costs – they are easy to install because they don’t have a water tank. In addition, these water heaters do not require a lot of plumbing hence saving plumbing labour costs
  4. Water, energy and time saving – tankless water heaters are usually installed near the outlets they are serving, therefore, hot water is readily available at all time. This saves water because there will be fewer spillages as well as energy and time.

What is the best water heater?

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing water heaters. However, you will have to consider a number of factors such as the amount of hot water you need, how you are heating the water (gas, electricity or oil) and your budget. Some types are better than others because they save energy. Here are your options:

Tankless water heater

This water heater uses heater coils to heat water and it does not have a tank to store hot water. They are ideal if your house uses natural gas to heat water.

Storage tank water heater

they are common because they are traditional. They have a water tank, a temperature and a pressure relief valve which opens when the preset valve exceeds a max level. These water heaters can run on both electricity and natural gas.

Heat pump water heater (hybrid)

this model heats water by capturing heat from the air and transferring it into the water. They require 7ft clearance from the floor to the ceiling, 1000 cubic feet of uncooled space and a drain nearby to discharge the condensate. They don’t operate well in cold places.

Condensing water heater

this is ideal if you need about 55 gallons of hot water and you are using gas to heat the water. The model is conventional because it saves energy and captures exhaust gases to prevent environmental degradation.

Solar water heater

they heat water using solar energy which is trapped by solar panels. They are quite expensive to install at first but they are cheap because they require simple maintenance.

How long do electric water heaters last?

Normally, a traditional water heater can last between 8 to 12 years depending on how it is being used and its maintenance. Its lifespan is mainly determined by its efficiency which is affected by particles which settle at the bottom of the tank thus destroying its lining. When a water tank starts corroding from the inside, it shows that the water heater should be replaced.

How long does a tankless water heater last?

Tankless water heaters last longer than other types of water heaters because they don’t keep running to produce hot water. This makes them effective and lasts longer because they are operational only when required. They can last up to 20 years or even more.

How much does an electric water heater cost? Hot water tanks are available in different sizes, shapes and capacities to offer varieties to users. A water tank can range from 40 litres to more than 400 litres depending on the need for hot water. It is important to understand that your need for hot water will determine the water tank you will choose and hence affect your budget. These are costs of electric water heaters:

Tank capacity size of the home per tank per year

  1. 120 litres 1 bedroom flat/apartment £0.97 £705.57
  2. 150 litres 1/2 bedrooms with shower/bath £1.21 £881.96
  3. 180 litres 2/3 bedrooms with shower/bath £1.45 £1,058.35
  4. 210 litres 3/4 bedrooms with shower/bath £1.69 £1,234.74
  5. 250 litres 4/5 bedrooms with shower/2×bath £2.01 £1,469.93
  6. 300 litres 5/6 bedrooms with shower/3×bath £2.42 £1,763.92
  7. 400 litres 6+ bedrooms with shower/4×bath £3.22 £2,351.89

As homeowners are replacing their old water heaters with new ones, doing a thorough research is recommended. It is advisable to know the price of different water heaters, their features, how they operate and installation costs. This information is very important when buying a new water heater or when you are considering replacing your water heater with a newer model.

You will not only be able to negotiate for better prices but also avoid being exploited, overcharged or being scammed.

Finally, you need to hire a professional contractor or a plumber to install, repair, replace or maintain your water heater. This is essential if you don’t have required experience, skills and equipment for the job. You will not only benefit from professional service but also get a warranty cover for the services offered.

note: All costs provided in this article are estimates and can vary depending on the installation requirements and area.


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