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Vaillant Boiler Repairs Leeds

Vaillant Boiler Repairs

We specialise in Vaillant boiler repairs for Leeds and the surrounding areas. Vaillant has been a leading brand in the UK for a long period of time but now other brands have emerged. However, Vaillant is still one of the leading manufacturers.

Most people have been misled that after a certain time, their boiler has become obsolete. Therefore, they have either thrown them away and replaced them with newer models. It is true that boiler technology has really changed over the years. However, new boiler advancements require experience, expertise and knowledge to handle these appliances.

It is important to understand that boiler spare parts are available even for boilers manufactures in 1988! You just need to have the right connections, work with the right specialist or professional company and you will be fine.

A boiler is one of the most important appliances in a home because it provides hot water which is used for different purposes. When a boiler breakdown, you will likely get stressed because you are relying on hot water to bathe, wash and clean. Therefore, ensure you have at least three contacts of qualified Gas Safe engineers to call in case you have an emergency.

Remember, you will have to consider their location, cost, level of experience, insurance and bonding, guarantee and reviews to make a good choice.

Vaillant boiler service cost

Our workers are qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers to offer reliable services. If you have any Vaillant boiler problems, you just need to give us a call and we will have your boiler fixed.

Our engineers are recognised by Vaillant as ‘advanced installers’ of boilers. This shows that our engineers are qualified and they will offer much-needed services to our clients. We usually offer a fixed repair price to Vaillant boilers. This plan includes the following:

  1. We offer a 12-month guarantee for all parts fitted. In addition, we offer labour for 90 days
  2. One-off fixed payment
  3. Nothing more to pay – here, labour, additional parts and call-outs are included for 6 months
  4. Fixed monthly payments
  5. If your boiler can’t be fixed, you will only be charged £87 (fixed engineer time)
  6. If the initial problem of your boiler can’t be fixed, you will get your money back
  7. Up to £1,500 worth of repairs for a period of 6 months when all parts are included excluding the expansion vessel and the heat exchanger
  8. A one-off payment of up to £249 (incl. VAT). £49.98 totals to £299.88 (incl. VAT) for a period of 6 months by Direct Debit

When you hire our services, you will get a boiler from a reliable specialist that will meet heating requirements for both your home and lifestyle. In addition, you will get safe and professional installation from a qualified and trained engineer.

When you are fully registered on Vaillant programme, we can offer you a guarantee of up to 7 years on eco TEC pro or 5 years guarantee on eco TEC plus.

Servicing a Vaillant boiler

When a Vaillant boiler is being serviced, we cover the following:

  1. System filter servicing but we don’t offer repair or replacements
  2. Built-in controls
  3. Flue inspections and fitting security screws if needed
  4. 12 months warranty on all parts
  5. Unlimited repair time on a visit for all boiler repair parts

However, the boiler service does not cover the following:

  • Gas safety certifications
  • External components such as pipework, controls, radiators and hot water cylinders (at an engineer’s discretion)
  • Removal of obstructions, cabinetry and gaining enough access to appliances (at an engineer’s discretion)
  • Replacement parts
  • Parking charges

Vaillant service plan

Working with Vaillant to provide boiler repair services across the UK is one of the things we are proud of. With our Vaillant service plan, your boiler will be fixed and start running again.

If it cannot be fixed at all, we will refund you your money. However, if the repair service will be successful, a Vaillant Gas Safe engineer will provide added protection as per your plan.

You can have a 6-month repair package to have your boiler running without any problems. In case your boiler is deemed beyond economic repair before your plan has expired, you may get a contribution towards buying a new one!

Vaillant Gold protection plan

With this plan, we will ensure that your heating system is covered entirely from valves to radiator pipes. In addition, you will have a 30% discount on other services, trained Gas Safe registered engineers, a priority calls out 7 days a week, 365 days a year and a 24-hour customer service line.

You can pay an extra £2 per week to get another unbeatable cover care option. Vaillant Gold protection option has a first day sign up of £21.75. However, for your weekly or monthly direct debit, you can pay your first instalment of £4.79 or £20.75 respectively.

If you choose to pay annually, you will not have to pay the first-day fee of £21.75. To make the plan affordable to our clients, we have decided to remove an excess fee of £50 which other service providers might charge you! Hence, you can save up to £71.74 every year by simply signing up for our services and choosing the right plan.

Why use a Vaillant engineer?

When you choose a Vaillant advance installer, you hire an expert who is not only trained but also experienced to install Vaillant boilers. In addition, you will get a free quote for the services to help you plan in advance before hiring.

Secondly, Vaillant boilers are eco TEC boilers that have been manufactured to suit user’s heating and hot water needs. They are efficient, reliable and long-lasting.

Thirdly, hiring a Vaillant engineer will help you make the right choices especially if it is your first time to purchase or replace a boiler. You need to understand that installing an A rated boiler is vital because it is efficient, saves energy and it’s durable. A Vaillant engineer is experienced to know the boiler you need to install.

Finally, Vaillant does not sell boilers or appliances directly to homeowners. This is because the boilers have to be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Therefore, you will have to work with a Vaillant engineer if you need repair, installation or maintenance services of your boiler.

Are you looking for Vaillant boiler repairs in Leeds? Get in contact today.


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